Thursday, March 16, 2006

F*ck You Boston...and Goodbye!

Today at 5:33pm, my flight leaves for San Diego. I will be there for five nights, and will regrettably not be able to update this space until Wednesday...sad I know. While I am gone, I encourage you to check out some of the things I wrote in the past. The archives from February are full, and there are entries all through March, and a few at the end of January. If you have liked anything I have written so far, chances are you can find something else I wrote previously enjoyable. Anyway......
As I leave for the West Coast, even though it is for a short time, I would like to leave Boston with a big FUCK YOU. To the city, and to some of its people, this gesture is more than appropriate. Yesterday I had to drive from Quincy to Tremont Street in Boston to pick my brother up from work. I used the never-reliable MapQuest (fuck you too!) and it told me it had a 7 mile drive ahead of me that would take 20 minutes. 50 minutes later and by sheer luck, I pulled up on Tremont two blocks down from where my brother was standing. Going over my journey, I really can't understand it. I am not an unintelligent person, so i don't think it was due to my lack of being able to follow the directions. The directions were vague, but they got me near South Station.
From there, I don't know what happened. I ended up in Southie, down a road that ends with a gate and two armed security guards. I believe it was a headquaters for the U.S. postal service. At any rate, I wasn't any closer to getting where I was going. Wasn't the Big Dig supposed to aleviate some of the pressure from navigating this God-forsaken city? The project went well over budget, took too long, and wasn't even done right. Leaky tunnels? What the fuck were you union-ass workers doing beside milking paychecks? Sorry, its not your fault. Its the designers and engineers who mapped out what was going on. Seriously, while it may sound archaic, public stoning for these individuals is warranted. Instead of this being their crowning achievement, its their biggest failure. Granted, the views driving up 93 into the city are beautiful, and I like that bridge with the blue lights near the (T.D. Banknorth) Garden, but driving in the city isn't any easier.
I have been into the city twice in the last month. One time I was going to Fanuel Hall, and my friend had a navigation system in his car, but we still ended up lost. This time, I had only the city of Boston to blame, as I refuse to admit I was at fault. F Bombs were shooting out the window, exploding down the side streets I was lost on. A middle aged woman on a cell phone nearly caused me to hit a double parked car while she was yapping on her cell phone. I called her a 'Fucking Bitch' and I don't even feel bad about that point I would have bare-knuckle boxed her in the middle of the street.
I kept constant contact with my brother on the phone, but he knows where hes going as much as I do. His co-worker could only offer, "You guys don't drive around the city much, huh?" Regardless, after driving by the Children's Museum, North Station, South Station, and into Southie, I finally found Tremont Street. Turns out once you find Tremont, you can't just drive one way or the other till you find the address you want to find. The road ends, and picks up somewhere else. Its like the city of Boston expects you to know where you're going through I can just sit at a red light and absorb all knowledge needed to find where I'm going. They sure don't care about having street signs up; I couldn't even see any on some of the streets I was traversing.
I had to get that out...I can't let it eat at me while I'm away.

The reason I am going to California is for the World Baseball Classic. It is the international baseball tourament that is going on right now. The United States must win today to make it out to San Diego. If they can beat Mexico, and they should...they will face Korea Saturday in the semifinals, while the Dominican Republic plays Cuba in the other semifinal. How great would it be to see a U.S.-Cuba final on Monday? Maybe Castro can be flown in to share a luxery box with George W. I just hope if that game does come to fruitation, it doesn't end with a United States win on a blown call by an umpire. We already have one war on our hands, with several other strong possibilities for war on the horizon. Cuba is small, but they are fiesty...

Ok time to go. Thanks to everyone who has been reading, because I am really enjoying writing every day. Wednesday I will return refreshed with a nice summary of my trip. Until then...enjoy this cold weather biatch!


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