Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Going Forward...

Today's update comes from the corporate accounting world, a world that I am unfortunately familiar with. The master plan for me had always been to not end up working a 9-5 Johnny Pencilpusher office job. Unless you either have had an internship, an ivy league education, or good connections, you must start out in an office. Every office is different, but in many ways it contains the same elements. I watch The Office every week and wonder how close that depiction of an office is to other offices.
For some reason, the phrase "going forward" is like nails scraping down a chalkboard to me. I cannot stand when people say it; mainly because they say it all the time. If I had copywritten "going forward" like ring announcer Michael Buffer trademarked "LLLLLet's get ready to Rummmblllllleeeeeeeeeeee, " I would be swimming in a pool full of liquid gold. I hear that phrase at least once an hour, everyday of every week. Its almost like when I worked at Circuit City, and they played the same Peter Framton video and song for 3 months straight. (The scene from 40 Year Old Virgin where he flips out from the Michael Macdonald video being overplayed is perfect) If I don't hear 'Going forward', I read it in emails. How bout saying something else, like "in the future," or "from now on?" That would make me so much more happy. Its one of those things that just bothers me.
I don't know if that happens to anyone else. I like to call it Automatic Unexplained Distain. Sometimes you see something, or someone...or hear something that makes you furious. You can't explain what it is about that person/thing, but no matter how hard you try, you can't stop hating it. It eats at you, you can't get away from that infuriating feeling everytime you encounter it. It happens with me and those emo kids. You know the ones with checkerboard paint on their cars, black clothes and bad attitudes? Its one thing to dress or act a certain way because thats your style, but come on. What made you decide black eye shadow and fishnet stockings were what you should be wearing, guy? Those are clothes for girls and so is the makeup. Do you think because you bought a Korn cd and hate your parents that means you have to dress that way? Quit making me hate you even though I don't know you...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not proud of it but i have used the phrase " going forward" before. I don't know what i was thinking and apalogize. i just hope the annoying fat girl in the office gets off the f-ing phone

6:27 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I work in an office sort of.....I'm the Assistance Director of shipping and receiving for a local school district( Southern Tier of New York State). Just me and the boss here( a lady) but we get all the shit from the teachers and the other administrators. They use that term "going forward", many a time I've wanted to rebuff with "shove it up your ass", especially to the Superintendant, but alas, my job is pretty secure, why make life more difficult than it is, but I get the jist of your statement, believe me I do.....thanks


6:37 AM  

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