Monday, February 13, 2006

Black History Month

Today we are going to talk about Black History Month. First of all, I thought it was a little embarrassing that the United States recognizes black history in the shortest month of the year. Even on a leap year they still don't get 30 days. So then I went to find out when this observance first started and how it came about. I was actually wondering why it takes place in February, if there are specific reasons. Black History Month actually started in 1926, as Negro History Week. It was started by a man named Carter G. Woodson, who was a historian. He chose the second week in February for Negro Week because two honorable black men were born then; Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Granted, Lincoln did contribute greatly to abolishing slavery, but that seems like an ominous sign for choosing a week to celebrate blacks. In 1976, while the country was feeling particulary patriotic, the week was extended to a month.

The main question here is; why is there a month devoted to just one race. Does it mean that since blacks have one month, white people have 11 months? Like November is the 10th installment of White History Month? Sorta get that Black History Month out of the way early so white people can enjoy the rest of the year? Or, since its really not just white and black in this country, do other races have other months? Does it end at race, or does it extend to nationalities and sexual orientation? Is March Irish month and I don't know about it? Do Native Americans have a month, or did they trade in their month in for casinos? Maybe the government gave them a choice.
And speaking of the goverment, whats going on here? They feel bad about the mistreatment of minorities over the years, so they try to make it up like this? Here Mr. Negro, have a month. During it we will talk about your ancestors and teach white kids about their accomplishments. But once the calandar turns March 1, no more of that shit. Back to John Smith and British Parliament. Or Hey, you on horseback living in a trailer on the outskirts of the desert selling silver jewelry... I know we took all your land and forced you to live here or give up your beliefs and traditions. Why don't we build a casino, and you can run it and take all the white man's money.
Look, I understand trying to make up for past errors. But would the U.S. goverment ever truly repay the minorities of this country what they lost? Like literally, not with a month dedication or something else. I realize that Native American casinos are goldmines, but Manhattan was purchased from them for less than $25 in traded goods. How much would Manhattan be worth to Native Americans today if they it was still theirs? Can you imagine the guy (Peter Minuit) when he was bartering with the native indians(Algonquins) about Manhattan? "Ok sooo... I'm gonna give you two horses, some magic seeds, some corn-on-the-cob; shit I'll even throw in my sixth born daughterties too-Sarah get over here darlin'- and you're gonna give me the rights to this island? Well Chief, you drive a hard bargain but you got yourself a deal. Good doing business with you..."
For the record, I don't support the idea of reparations for slavery either. I actually find it incredibly ignorant when I hear people talking about them. Let's be reasonable; you want 40 acres and a mule because your great-grandfather's great-grandfather was a slave? You want a reward because your distant relative had an excrutiating existence? Tell me what it's like to be a slave. What does a whip feel like on your bare back after a long day tending the fields? I don't know, and neither does anyone else. Slavery was a brutal, horrible practice. I cannot imagine infringing on another person's free will. How can you claim to 'own' someone? Using the rationale of those seeking reparations, what would stop the distant relative of a plantation owner from seeking reparations for what was lost when slavery was abololished. You have to admit, if you are running your company on 100% free labor and you have that taken away, your business is going to suffer.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, we don't need Black History Month. Blacks are just as much a part of the history of America as Europeans are, or Mexicans, or anyone else for that matter. Black people hold many imporant positions in the public eye, from sports to music and movies to politics. The workplace gets more diversified every day. Every year the balance of this country moves towards minorities. A lot of people worked hard to end segregation in America and lay the foundation for the future. So why would we segregate history?


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this guy gupal is a moran. what is he talking about copied content? it sounded like a strong opinion to me with reference to historical events.

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