Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Future; Past, and Present

I am back writing after a long weekend off. And what an uneventful weekend it was. Super Bowl sucked, but I watched anyway. Matt DiOrio took the first step down the path to stand-up comedy on Monday night with his debut performance at the Comedy Connection in Boston. With a crowd of between 30-40 people from The Roc, Matt did very well, judging by the laughs of the people he didn't know. The possibility exists that nobody will read the stuff I write, which is fine by me. I just want to run over a few topics I will be tackling in the coming weeks. Oh, and for those wondering why my blog is titled 'What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports?' I suggest you direct your attention to the first ten minutes of a movie called Blazing Saddles. Trust me, if you haven't seen it already, you will not be disappointed...
Anti-ESPN Campaign
Poor quality
This will be a weekly series dealing with the steady decline of ESPN, and more specifically, Sportscenter. It is my opinion that the quality of ESPN's flagship show, Sportscenter, has sharpley declined since the turn of this century. I should know, since even though I think the show sucks, it is where I go to for sports news. They are the Rollerblade of sports recap shows. My beef with ESPN will be outlined and presented in a fair manner, serving the sole purpose of exposing this show(Sportscenter), and this station (ESPN) for the greedy corporate vehicle that is it.
I will start with Sportscenter and branch off into different segments and sports specific shows, such as NFL Primetime and Baseball Tonight. Notable personalities that will be reviewed include everyone from Sean Salsibury to Harold Reynolds to my own personal enemy, the reprehensible, dispicable, Stuart Scott.
Classic Album Countdown
This is where I will be reviewing classic albums that I enjoy listening to. Although some of you may not realize it, I am somewhat of a rap aficionado. I suggest you do not take this segment lightly, as I will only be reviewing the finest albums rap has to offer (skits not included).
Unbelievable News
Everyday I sit at my desk and read several different sources of news. I visit cnn.com, yahoo news, and the drudgereport.com. All of these are great sources of news, and provide good articles that I like to include in posting. Some of them might slip by the average reader, but the average reader doesn't have three hours a day to devote to reading the stories. So for that reason, I am at your service with the Newnews blogs.
Sometimes I feel like having my motherfuckin' opinion heard. Whether right or wrong, outlandish or conservative, idiotic or clever, I plan on posting them. It can be anything from commuting to work to the number of copies of Catwoman available for rent at the local Blockbuster.


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