Friday, April 21, 2006

Presidential Disapproval Rating

Today President Bush's Presidential Approval Rating hit an all-time low: 33%. That means that only 33% of the people in this country feel like Bush is a good President. Three out of ten might be good for a baseball player's batting average, but for a President that is horrible. Bush can barely get one out of three people to approve of the job he is doing. There has to be a mathamatical breaking point at which time his Approval Rating because a DisApproval Rating. After all, if the majority of people are in the negative on this, then it doesn't make sense to have an Approval Rating. Look at it this way: Bush's Approval Rating is 33%. His DisApproval Rating is 67%. A little change of perspective sometimes puts things into perspective.

(I'm gonna infer that one to my homegirl Condaleeza)

So what does this all mean? What does it say about our country? The first thing I say is, why couldn't you fucking assholes who voted for Bush a second time realize the mistake you were making in 2004? I realize hindsight is 20/20, but Jesus Christ... This guy has continued to hurt the country first and foremost, but his image as well. This has been going on since the middle of his first term. I want to know how he mustered enough votes to get back into office?

Which leads me to the next question...did he actually win the 2004 election? I mean, through history Republicans and Democrats usually stick to their guns, no matter what. In this case however, that has not been the trend. Republicans dominate the Senate and Congress through their party members holding highly appointed offices, including the Presidency. Even with the overwhelming majority on the Republican side, Bush can't even get his approval rating near 50%. Perhaps it is an idealistic view of the position, but a President of the United States should be closer to 60% than 30.

(GW can't hide his disappointment after being told Napoleon Dynamite won't be able to accept a position in his cabinet because he isn't a real person)

So who pays the price when the Head Honcho does such a shitty job? Everyone involved with him of course. The United States is never going to say the President sucks or that he isn't doing his job well, and Bush isn't going to step the next logical move is to fire every and anyone around him. Many members of Bush's administration have stepped down recently, including most recently Karl Rove and White House Chief Spokesman Scott McClellen. These guys aren't the first, as members of Bush's leadership have been dropping like flies in the passed few months. "It's going to be hard to replace Scott," said Bush. "Nevertheless, he's made the decision, and I accept it." The airhorn for the bullshit alarms just sounded throughout Washington D.C. McClellan didn't just decide to step down. He doesn't want to spend more time with his family or pursue other endeavors. His ass was fired because Bush's administration needs whipping boys, and the President sure as hell isn't gonna get whipped. Instead, by the end of his second term, Bush will probably have an entirely new leadership group. Cheney and Rumsfeld might stick around, but Rummy is on thin ice as we speak.

(Did someone tell him...or did he figure it out by himself?)

Look...Bush obviously isn't going to step down. If he did there would be a national celebration to end all. Children would cry, man would embrace woman...neighbors would offer up congratulatory handshakes and hugs to neighbors. The immigrants would finally have something to march about. People in France, and in China, and in Saudi America(Iraq) would throw their hats into the air in unison, celebrating the end of a forgettable era. We could even lower the flags to 1/3 staff, to match Bush's approval rating at the time of his departure. Strangely enough, 33% is a number that has followed Bush since college. If you put it on a college grading scale of 4.0, you end up with George W.'s cumulative college GPA of 1.32


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This article is scary!! This guy is running our countr. i do stand by very very few of his policies, but all the rest...the other 67% if you will is shi*!

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